We spend MILLIONS buying comic books and collectibles, including-

Vintage Comic Books

We’ve spent over $10 million in the past two years buying everything from rare single comics to entire collections.   We will travel to you and buy your entire collection, cash on the spot! Sell your vintage comic books now >

Original Art

We’ll buy a single, treasured collector’s item, or entire pallets of longboxes.  If you have the original animation cells for an entire movie, we want to see every single one and will count ourselves lucky to get so many! Sell your original art now >

Vintage Toys

We’re interested in buy every possible vintage toy possible. We will travel to you, appraise the collection and make an all-cash offer on the spot! Sell your vintage toys now >

Pulps & Magazines

We’ve been collecting pulp magazines for so long, when we started they were called “second hand”.  Four decades later, we still want more, so let us buy them from you! Sell your pulps & magazines now >

Modern Comic Books

Along with vintage comics, we also buy mid-1980s to present day comics.  We won’t cherry pick your collections, we will buy it all with the best offer you’ll get anywhere! Sell modern comic books now >

Movie Memorabilia

No matter how obscure the item, we’re the ones who want it. Mexican lobby cards, RKO newsettes, Australian daybills – we want to make you instant cash offers for any and all of them! Sell your movie memorabilia now >

Sports Memorabilia

We’re big fans of any pre-1980 cards, sports or not, the older the better. We’ll buy everything. We’re also interested in complete sets of more recent (or reprint) sets, as well as collections of books and magazines. Sell your sports memorabilia now >

Music Memorabilia

We spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year on signed musical instruments, huge collections of everything a band ever made, or more obscure items like backstage passes and foreign press kits. Sell your music memorabilia now >

Sell your collectibles now

We are the world’s #1 largest buyer of collectibles because

We pay absolute best prices and can beat any other offer!

Don’t sell your collectibles until you speak to us first!

Cash payment on the spot!

If we decide to buy, we will you cash on the spot!

We are happy to travel to you and offer free appraisals

We enjoy providing the absolute best customer service, and that includes traveling to you to do full appraisals and make cash payments!

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About Neatstuff Collectibles

We spend millions and millions of dollars every year buying ALL sizes and types of comic books, comic art collections, and even entire comic warehouses. Many our of competitors sell to us!

We are true collectors, so we understand the personal attachment and financial investment you are likely to have made in your special and unique collection.

We indisputably offer the finest PROMPT and TRUE personal service of anyone in our field. We provide IMMEDIATE PAYMENT for all purchases. We also offer the nation's highest finder fees for individuals or stores who refer a collection to us.

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