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Disney Comic Collection Starring Donald Duck

Disney’s mascot might be Mickey Mouse, but anyone old enough for object recognition above the level of “look at the smiley faces” prefers the dynamic Donald Duck. The fact we prefer the mallard version of the Incredible Hulk, a perpetually angry half-naked psychopath who chases people with hammers at the least provocation, is a tendency we probably shouldn’t examine. Instead we enjoy it with this 166 comic book collection.

We’ve got four decades of comics for sale, almost half of them original 10c Golden Age relics, most of the rest Silver age, and a light dusting of Bronze to taste. Twenty four issue of Uncle Scrooge add one of the most enduring spin-off characters of all time, and he’d definitely approve of buying so much fun for such a ridiculously low price.

Uncle Scrooge being bling over half a century early.
Uncle Scrooge being bling over half a century early.

Check out this comic book auction to pick up a pile of four color history, delving into Disney history with 166 issues of classic.